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Edukoya selects only the top 5% tutors from thousands of applicants. The quality of our tutors is simply unmatched and you can rest assured that your child is getting tutored by the best of the best.



Math expert

10 years experience



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7 years experience



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5 years experience

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As Edukoya’s student community continues to grow, so does our demand for tutors. Join us to build a global classroom where high quality education is available to every African globally.


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All Edukoya tutors have a bachelor’s degree, and many have advanced degrees.



Our tutors have at least two years of teaching experience and are professionally trained and certified.


Trusted by Parents

Edukoya carefully vets tutors and requires all to pass a rigorous background check.

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Meet some of the dedicated educators from our community, one of the largest of it’s kind, with almost 10,000 tutors from Nigeria.


What I love most about Edukoya is how it truly tutors, I find immense joy in my role, and this platform allows me to fully immerse myself in the art of teaching. Gone are the days of spending countless hours grading papers and drowning in paperwork demands. With Edukoya I can focus on what I truly love: teaching

-Tutor Helen

10+years of teaching experience


Edukoya values and encourages the creativity and expertise of its tutors. I have the freedom to infuse my lessons with my personal teaching style, innovative approaches, and engaging activities that resonate with my students. This flexibility enables me to create a vibrant and dynamic learning environment that caters to the diverse needs and interests of my students.

-Tutor Tolu

7+years of teaching experience


What I absolutely love about Edukoya is the profound one-on-one connection that it fosters between tutors and students. I have developed incredibly close bonds with many of my students and their families, and these connections have become an integral part of my teaching journey. Witnessing the growth and progress of each student is immensely rewarding

-Teacher Wahab

5+years of teaching experience

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